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Ladder LockDown Pro

This is a pre-order listing. Manufacturing is underway while we prepare for standards testing.

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The World's First Portable Ladder Footing System


To Keep You Safe

Built To Keep You Safe

The Ladder LockDown Pro


Designed & engineered to setup any fibreglass or aluminum ladder on any ground terrain in seconds

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The Safest Way To Setup Your Ladder

All portable ladders should have a level & stable base while being securely anchored for maximum safety!

  • Level
  • Stabilize
  • Anchor

Experience 10.5" of precise ladder leveling. Say goodbye to awkward adjustments and wasted time

Deploy our Auto Pivot & Grip ladder safety shoes to experience rock-solid ladder stability, taking your safety to new heights.

Multiple anchor positions help you secure your ladder with ease on hard and soft ground. Enjoy peace of mind during any task.

Setting Up Your Ladder Has Never Been Easier

Don't let different ground terrain slow you down


Types of grass & sod can change. Your stability shouldn't.

Always Climb With Confidence

standing on ladder

Peace Of Mind



LockDown your Ladder Today

You deserve to trust your ladder

How Our System Works

Product Features

LadderSpike High Visibility Safety Straps

Experience the convenience and security of a 10-foot auto retractable strap, which emulates the familiar caution tape you're accustomed to. Rest assured, our strap is designed to handle heavy loads of over 1500 lbs, ensuring your safety at all times.

ratchet strap ratchet strap

Equipped with a top-of-the-line auto-locking carabiner, making them incredibly easy to use. No more struggling with tangled rope – simply attach the carabiner, and you're good to go.

ladderspike strap

The Ladder LockDown-Pro

Leveling Legs

Experience precise ladder leveling for stairs and uneven surfaces with 10.5" of extension with auto locking every 3/16"

Our levelers come spring loaded with a single button actuation for retraction

auto 360 legs




Ladder Mounting Brackets

Easy to install with template instructions.

Easily attach our system to any ladder in your fleet, ensuring you always choose the right ladder for the job, taking your safety to new heights

Auto-360 Retractable Ratchets

Our patented design helps you anchor anywhere, at any angle.

We make it easy, safe and efficient.

ladder setup


Ground Anchor Spikes

Pair your system with our foldable ground spikes for ultimate safety on penetrable ground.

When installed our handles and straps are easily noticeable to prevent any slips, trips, or falls

ground anchor


Auto Pivot & Grip

Spiked Ladder Safety Shoes

Over 15 square inches of spiked surface area for ultimate enhanced traction.

You'll never have to worry about the bottom of your ladder on those hard and slippery surfaces like pavement, concrete, stone, & even Ice!

spike shoes


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A Message To Employers

Everyone Deserves To Go Home Safe

Employees Should Be Safe

Employees Have The Right To Be Safe

Minimize the risk of accidents and protect your employees from harm


Your Safety Should Be A


Prioritize the well-being of your workforce and demonstrate your commitment to safety culture

Reduce Cost

Extra Resources & Downtime can be costly

Focus on what matters most: growing your business and providing your customers the best service possible

Let's work together to stop falls altogether!

Our Roadmap

March 2021

LadderSpike becomes incorporated

July 2021

LadderSpike's First Patent iterations filed

May 2022

LadderSpike joins Genesis's Enterprise Program

July 2022

LadderSpike recieves Provincial & Federal Engineering R&D project funding

Sept 2022

LadderSpike partners with major North American Telecommunications & Utility Companies

May 2023

LadderSpike raises $150,000 in private equity

Aug 2023

LadderSpike launches website & continues to pre-orders & commercialization

Our Future Milestones

Oct 2023

The Ladder LockDown-Pro's Standards testing commences with first production run

Nov 2023

Beta testing begins with some of North America's most prominent utility, telecommunication, and construction companies

Dec/Jan 2023

LadderSpike's first 200 pre-ordered systems delivered to customers