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Our Mission

To Innovate the world's most versatile & reliable ladder safety systems that protect people, businesses & their employees. All day. Everyday

Jordan Spencer sitting next to his product

Jordan Spencer

Co-founder & CEO

My life experiences have helped me see an immediate need for innovation in the ladder industry, and I believe our first product fills the Gap between having a serious ladder injury or fatality & having the right tool for the job!

 "It's simple - You should be able to trust the tool you're using," and that's what LadderSpike is all about!


Dale Keen sitting next to his product

Dale Kean

Co-founder & COO

"I believe, our first product is a reflection of our passion to help ladder users be safer, to trust your ladder."

Brady Smith sitting next to the ladder evolution pro

Brady Smith

Full Stack Developer

"I believe that in any job you do, you should feel safe while doing it."