Why LadderSpike?

Our System Saves Time

Works On Slippery Surfaces

***This is a demonstration video to show the extreme versatility of our Auto-Pivot & Grip, Spiked Ladder Safety Shoes. Please take caution when setting up your ladder, ensuring you always have a level & stable base while being securely anchored for maximum safety!***

Ladder Duty Rating

The Ladder LockDown-Pro meets and exceeds all ladders up to type IAA 375 lbs

Ladder Duty Gradings

The Ladder Lockdown-Pro

Ladder Quick Facts

81% falls

Ladders Are Well Over 10,000 Years Old

Unfortunately they are also the leading cause of falls that leave families completely devastated and employers resorting to cost & growth prohibitive alternatives

fatal falls

A decade of fatal falls

43% of fatal falls of the past decade have involved a ladder

81% falls

Don't become a Statistic.

Among construction workers, an estimated 81% of all falls treated in hospital emergency rooms involve a ladder

Our Global Green Mission

Our product is infinitely recyclable!