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The Ladder Evolution-Pro

The Ladder Evolution-Pro

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Product Specifications

Brand: LadderSpike Inc
Color: Anodized Yellow / Gloss Black
Category: Ladder Accessories
Manufacturer part number: LE-Pro-01
Manufacturer: LadderSpike Inc
Assembled product dimensions: (L x W x H) 3.5 x 3.5 x 21.5 Inches
Level: 10.5" of levelling
Stabilize: Superior grip and adaptability
Anchor: 5.5 inches of ground anchor spikes
Quick Connect Ladder Mounting Bracket: Our mounting brackets are a patent pending design that allows users to connect to a ladder with one hand and release with a single button.
Quick Connect Ladder Safety Shoes: These Auto-Pivot & Grip Ladder Safety Shoes have been built to mount in place but can be removed for storage. There is over 15 square inches of spiked surface area so you'll never have to worry about the bottom of your ladder on those hard and slippery surfaces like pavement, concrete, stone, & even Ice!
Anchor: The Ladder Evolution-Pro has up to 5.5" of ground anchor spikes.
ANSI: The Ladder Evolution-Pro exceed's the ANSI A14.8 standard for portable ladders.
Toughness: Aircraft grade aluminum, High load tempered parts.
Lifespan: 5+ Years of regular use
Patent Pending: US, Canada, Foreign

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Starter System

REGULAR: $399.99 PROMO: $249.99
2x The LadderSpike Ladder Evolution Pro Levelers
2x Auto-Pivot & Grip spiked ladder safety shoes
2x Ladder Rail Mounting Brackets

Professional System

REGULAR: $559.98 PROMO: $349.99
2x The LadderSpike Ladder Evolution Pro Levelers
2x Auto-Pivot & Grip spiked ladder safety shoes
4x Ladder Rail Mounting Brackets
4x Auto-360 Retractable Ratchet Straps
2x Accessory Pouch(Ground Anchors and Strap Extender)
4x Ratchet Ladder Mounting Brackets

Starter System - REGULAR: $399.99  PROMO: $249.99