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LadderSpike's Commercialization Update

Commercialization Update

Throughout the last few months we've documented our journey with commercialization, At LadderSpike we believe full transparency is the best quality to have so we would love to share our documentation with our customers!


August 9th 

  • Quote Received from our manufacturing facility to create the first 15 sets of the Ladder Evolution-Pro to commence standard testing

August 30th

  • Expected first Set to be shipped on September 8th for review.
  • Starting design of custom LadderSpike strap and carabiner
  • Design with custom strap and carabiner underway with photos of update
Ladder Ratchet Strap

Ratchet Carabiner

September 6th

  • Assembly of the first 15 Systems will be done in person with our engineering team for top quality control as we progress into standards testing.
  • Update on parts with photo:

Update on parts


Manufacturing Parts

September 20th

  • Manufacturing was delayed due to impeding major weather systems, which resulted in delayed shipment of product.
  • A rough draft of the packaging was completed and RFQs prepared. what our packaging will look like:

Packaging Draft 1

September 27th

  • The design of the carabiner is near completion

New carabiner design

  • The design of the strap is near completion

Ladder Ratchet Strap

  • Final draft of our product packaging

Final packaging draft

October 4th

  • The first 2 initial sets of parts are Scheduled to arrive later this week
Ladder Leveling Leg

October 11th

  • The first production System was received for review and inspection. Engineering team analyzing components for specs, tolerances, functionality, & use.

Ladder Leveler

October 18th

  • Completed assembly of first unit

Ladder Evolution Pro Assembly

Ladder Evolution Pro

November 1st

  • Standards testing moved to the 4th quarter of 2023.
  • Beta testing moved to begin in the first quarter of 2024.
  • Currently waiting on shipping details of the first 15 Sets.

November 16th

  • New concept sketches of carabiner

Carabiner sketches

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